Each member of an all-star cheerleading team is important and therefore it is mandatory that all athletes attend every practice. Athletes and parents are asked to notify the coach as early as possible if they are unable to make practice due to illness. In the event of a conflict (i.e. vacation), parents are asked to notify the coach and gym director 2 weeks in advance.

Practice Attire:

Athletes must come to practice in shorts, t-shirts or tank tops, and cheer sneakers. We ask that hair be pulled back tightly and securely. No jewelry is allowed and we ask that it be left at home as Ultimate STARZ is not responsible for lost items.

Private Lessons:

Athletes may take additional lessons with coaches in a one-on-one environment. Please work directly with the coach to arrange these lessons. *Please note that athletes with an outstanding balance may not take private lessons until their account is up-to-date.