Ultimate STARZ Athletics opened its doors in 2010. Built on a solid foundation of passion, determination, and dedication, the staff and athletes of Ultimate STARZ are what continue to make us successful year after year.

Ultimate STARZ Athletics believes in building the strength, skills, and capability of each individual athlete to ensure that we put forth the strongest, most competitive teams. The coaching staff is dedicated to ensuring that Ultimate STARZ is a positive environment where athletes are encouraged and challenged to be their best physically, mentally, and emotionally. In addition to building cheer, dance, and tumbling skills, our staff works to develop leadership skills, positive self-image, and goal setting with each individual athlete.

While success can be measured with trophies, banners, and first place wins, we also believe that our success is measured by the improvement of each athlete as well as the team. Our program continues to grow year after year and we believe this is reflective of our dedicated coaching staff, parents, and athletes.

As we enter our fifth season, we look forward to another fun-filled, successful year!

Thank you for choosing Ultimate STARZ Athletics!