Below is a list of fundraisers that Ultimate STARZ will be offering to all active athletes. Proceeds from fundraisers can be put towards: choreography fees, uniforms, competition fees, and bow/make-up fees. Fundraising money cannot be used towards the monthly tuition. If an athlete decides to leave the program prior to the end of the season, all fundraising funds will be forfeited.

2019-2020 Fundraisers: 


Scratch Ticket Fundraiser
Date: Ends 7/15/19

Sponsor my uniform
7/1/19-8/30/19 forms will be sent out on 7/1/19



Candy Sales Hillard’s
More information to follow!


Kid’s Bingo
Ultimate STARZ Athletics
Day & Time TBD
$15.00 per person & $10 per ticket goes back to cheerleader’s account
Prizes, Pizza & drink


Yankee Candle
Date: 10/15/19-11/01/19
40% of sales goes to cheerleader, minus tax and shipping if you turn your forms into the gym.

Basket of Cheer Raffle tickets
$5.00 per ticket
Date: 11/24/19-12/15/19
Must donate an item to your team’s themed basket by 11/24/19 (more information to follow) & all proceeds go directly to the cheerleader’s account.

Bingo Night 18 Plus
Location TBD
$25.00 per ticket
$10.00 per ticket goes back to the cheerleader’s account

T-shirt Fundraiser
Date: 2/1/19-2/28/19
$10-$50 dollars made for your account (depends upon sponsorship sold)