All-Star Team Levels:

Teams are determined by age and skill level. At Ultimate STARZ, we build teams to ensure that all athletes meet level-specified tumbling requirements, demonstrating each skill with proper technique. Throughout the season, we continue to build the skills of all athletes and encourage them to set personal goals to reach the next level.

Level 1 Tumbling Requirements:

Front Walkover

Back Walkover

Forward Roll



Level 2 Tumbling Requirements:


Roundoff Backhandspring

Level 3 Tumbling Requirements:

Standing series back-handspring

Roundoff back-handspring back-tuck

Roundoff back-tuck

Jumps connected to back-handspring

Level 4 Tumbling Requirements:

Standing back-handspring back-tuck / layout

Standing back-tuck

Roundoff back-handspring layout

Whip / Punch Front / Layout Step-out

Jumps connected to back-handpsring back-tuck/ layout

Level 5 Tumbling Requirements:

Standing back-handspring full

Standing full

Round off back-handspring full / double full

Whip / Punch Front

Jumps connected to back-tuck